Reblog: Patient Recommendations for Doctors, EpilepsyTalk

What a bountiful list of recommendations from patients for doctors!  All thanks go to Phylis Feiner Johnson of EpilepsyTalk!

Caveat:  This list has NOT been approved by any medical organization, nor does it specify that those listed are epileptologists or neurologists.  It only is based on patients' own experiences and, as such, should be considered a crowd-sourced compilation.

Click on the following:

Patient Recommendations for Doctors


Am One of the happiest woman on earth since my son was cured from the problem of seizure,which he has been having for eight years now,he do have the attack two to three times a week,which is affecting is education and his life.i got the contact of a doctor from the post of one Mr paul thanking him for curing his seizure problem,i got the contact and contacted him then he made me to know that the medication is a permanent cure, and that was how i got the medication which i used on my son,and for six month now there have been no sign of seizure in him again.any one with such problem can contact him on his email

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