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Double Whammy: Living with Two or More Conditions

How do you feel when you have epilepsy and [fill in the blank]?We often hear about “co-morbidities” (does anyone else hate that word?) with psychiatric disorders, cognitive disorders, migraines, and sleep disorders, but there are, of course, others. Nonetheless, we with epilepsy may live with entirely unrelated conditions that affect our quality of lives and fear levels.
How do we handle it all?  
I have epilepsy + smoldering myeloma (symptomatic multiple myeloma) and in no way can I be viewed as a model of how to deal with both of them, especially together.  My solution:  Denial.  For many years, I hid my epilepsy, took my meds by rote, and pushed down acknowledging epilepsy until I no longer heard my thoughts banging away at my consciousness.I didn’t accept them, and, as my seizures are controlled with my meds, it was pretty easy to do so for many years.
And my myeloma? When it was first diagnosed in 2003, my oncologist told me that I should begin getting my affairs in order – transla…

Reblog: Patient Recommendations for Doctors, EpilepsyTalk

What a bountiful list of recommendations from patients for doctors!  All thanks go to Phylis Feiner Johnson of EpilepsyTalk!
Caveat:  This list has NOT been approved by any medical organization, nor does it specify that those listed are epileptologists or neurologists.  It only is based on patients' own experiences and, as such, should be considered a crowd-sourced compilation.

Click on the following:
Patient Recommendations for Doctors