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The Shame of the Seizure

We’re closing down another year, and my wish for 2018 is that we together end the humiliation that many of us with epilepsy feel.To begin, we need to ask the simple question of why.Why do we feel this way in today’s culture (at least the culture in the area I live)?What about other conditions that cause seizures?For instance, are people with diabetes or hypoglycemia embarrassed?They also have seizures.Maybe, they’re ashamed, but it’s not likely.
As for me, I hid my epilepsy for more than 30 years before escaping the secret, bringing it to light.I’m open and find most people around me simply want to know more about my condition rather than associating it with something evil, as they may have in days past.
However, when I have one of my tonic-clonic seizures, I force down shame, distressed by how ugly it must have looked and if I scared anyone.Did I urinate? Did my eyes roll back?Did I turn gray?Were there children around who were terrified?How many people did I inconvenience or worry?…