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Creativity and Epilepsy

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Epilepsy can provide masses of inspiration.If not the source of creativity, then we most likely need not feel it has diminished after our first seizures.At least that’s how I see it… but, I guess, everyone doesn’t think the way I do.
I learn what others with epilepsy are thinking and feeling by reading responses to questions posted on differences in ways they interpret topics and queries is fascinating.So, I asked about creativity and whether they feel their epilepsy made them more or less so.By and large, a couple of themes surfaced:
1.They were creative before their epilepsy presented and, happily, continue to be. 2.They associated creativity with IQ, saying that they experienced declining cognitive skills after their first seizures.Their creativity sometimes did and sometimes didn’t diminish.
These, of course, were the most frequent answers, not all of th…