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Why I'm Going to Stop Apologizing for My Epilepsy

I look up into all the faces – the concerned, the horrified, and the ones rushing to lift the stretcher. “I’m sorry,” I mumble.And then I lose consciousness again.
I’ve just had a tonic clonic seizure, and I’m embarrassed and overwhelmed by the fact that I’ve caused so much trouble.I know.I know.It’s not my fault that I have epilepsy, though the “I deserve its” of adolescence still creep in from time to time.Nonetheless, I feel I must apologize.
But what am I apologizing for?Is it that I have epilepsy or something else? Here’s where I squint, trying to find the source.My seizure definitely has been an inconvenience, both for others and me, and it’s scary, especially for those who don’t know I have epilepsy.I forgot to take my meds, which is what led to all of this trouble.I need to apologize for that, but I also should apologize for not having told some of the others that I have epilepsy and instructed them on how to deal with it.
Rationally, I’m clear on what should be the bases of t…