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5 Ways to Make Med Toxicity a Memory

By far, one of my greatest challenges is keeping my med toxicity at bay.I take varied doses four times a day, and the ones in the morning and evening are doozies.The one first thing in the a.m. (300 mg of carbamazepine and 200 mg of lamotrigine) is especially tough to tame, and it can literally leave me flat on my back for two to three hours.  Needless to say, excuses for being late to appointments in the morning can wear thin!
Over time, I’ve found five tactics to lessen the toxicity and keep me alert.They’re not rocket science, but maybe one or two of them will help you:
ØCaveat: I hope this goes without saying, but, on the off chance it isn’t obvious, make sure your doctor is bought into this idea before you do it.Do not do it on your own.If you haven’t evaluated your meds and/or titrated your doses with your doctor for a long time, it might be a good place to start.When I was pregnant and had gained serious weight, we had upped my daily doses pretty darn high.After having my son, o…

Guest Post by Shan O'Meara: Side Effects

I had a tumultuous life throughout my time spent at George Mason University and after graduation in the spring of 1998. Since the early 90’s, my life became further complicated by epilepsy due to a traumatic brain injury (also called a TBI) I had at the age of 10 in 1983. Those of you who know anything about epilepsy, know that it makes life more than challenging.
Not only does one have to deal with the side effects of each medicine, but there are also side effects of  the epilepsy itself, and in my case, the traumatic brain injury, as well. I had to deal with depression coming from three different angles. I thought all these side effects were going to be with me for life. What a joy!
Further compounding the epilepsy were the side effects of the anti seizure drug (AED)  I was on. To name a few, they were, depression, weight gain, tremor, stuttering, and being in a constant haze. There are too many more to mention, so let’s stick with those five. All this changed about the time I turned …