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Finding Meaning in Your Life -- Especially When You're Housebound

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A dear friend of mine whose daughter’s epilepsy first struck when she was 14 left me speechless. She told me that I, unknowingly, had saved her from hopelessness, simply by existing.I had meaning.She saw that I had a good life despite my condition and could envision a future for her daughter filled with happiness and achievement.(Flash forward: In college now, her child just got all As and is a varsity athlete.) Her daughter’s life has been affected, no doubt, but her epilepsy never stopped her.
She’s one of the lucky ones, though.Her epilepsy is controlled and she lives with relatively few barriers.With no choice but to stay at home, though, many with uncontrolled epilepsy can't work in traditional jobs and struggle to find meaning in their lives. But what is meaning?
Starting at the beginning, here's the definition according to T…