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3 Reasons I'm Proud of My Epilepsy

Do I have your attention?You may be thinking, “who the heck is proud of this condition?”Well, my friends, after decades of hiding it, I’ve realized that my move out into the bright world of being open about it not only sets me free, it also gives me pride.Even though I may get the occasional blank stares and tongue-tied embarrassment from those whom I tell for the first time, most are amazed.And this is where my pride begins.After all:
  1)Having epilepsy is a challenge that most others don’t have to face.Depending on the severity, frequency, and length of your seizures, as well as a few other factors, you’ll be able to handle it with varying strength.Regardless of how easily you’re able to live with it, others believe (sadly, right most times), that it’s extremely difficult.And it is.With the admirable character you’ve had to summon, you’re a hero.Be proud.
  2)Others have a pre-set picture in their minds of what “an epileptic” might look like.There are all kinds of us, though!You hav…

Living Authentically/Living with Epilepsy

I’ve been struggling with the notion of living “authentically.”Every place you look you find people espousing the importance of being authentic.We are supposed to be our true selves… but we also need to exist within the world as it is.
I’d contend that no one – with or without epilepsy – who has impulse control truly can live happily and be 100% authentic.Sure.You should be true to your values, but perhaps not always to your emotions.No matter how much you disagree with your boss, it’s probably not a good idea always to say no to him/her.If you’re naturally a glass half empty person, you may want to try to change your point of view to glass half full.(You’ll be happier and so will the people around you.)Similarly, if you don’t like how you look, telling people other than your closest friends probably will become boorish.The examples are endless.
And what about epilepsy and authenticity?How much are you going to tell others about your condition and its challenges?This can get tricky.On…