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Guest Blogger - Shan O'Meara: Life: The Positive Side of My Epilepsy

There have been many medical incidences that have happened in my life that have almost made me cross to the other side. I was struck by a speeding car when I was ten years old. Most medical surgeries or stays in the hospital are because of injury and not for elective surgery, for which you choose to put yourself under the knife. What happened to me brought me  very close to death, even seeing the light at the other end of the tunnel. It is hard to determine what elements of my life were already predestined before my injury. I was very young when my injury occurred. Everything I do now has been altered because of my injury at age ten. My injury has caused me to live my life differently, but the deficits have changed my life in a good way. I have accepted the challenge to accomplish things I never would had my life continued on my uninjured path. Having done them, a new world of possibilities has opened for me.  Predestination aside, I concentrate on what did happen, not what could have …