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What Others Can't See in People with "Controlled" Epilepsy

We’re the lucky ones.Our epilepsy is controlled with meds and we live full, productive lives, only very occasionally – if ever – interrupted by seizures.Our epilepsy even may be invisible to you.
We’re blessed.So please don’t be surprised when I tell you that I schedule my days according to the ebbs and flows of the meds that keep me running on time.
When I wake up, I’m at my best.I haven’t taken carbamazepine and lamotrigine for eight hours, but there’s still a therapeutic level in my bloodstream.I schedule my most important meetings in the morning when I’m clear-headed before taking my first dose.
Morning:  Whoosh.There goes that first mega dose.It hits, and I have to be seated and try not to put myself in a position in which I have to say anything important.If I bend my head down, I’ll go toxic and need to lie down for over an hour.If I take my Vitamin C, my blood will rush a little, and I’ll also go toxic.Lunchtime:  One tab of lamotrigine?Not so bad.Evening:  I take another, larg…

Ode to My Aura

Oh aura, my Siren! First launching to the heavens, Onwards floating, floating, No sentence to speak, No sense to make; Only minds to read (Or so I think).
And you seduce.
You lift me to a place I want never to leave. Hours do I stay. Hours do others stare. “What’s wrong?” Has it gone too far? Pills can stop it, can change the course. Never to crash on the rocks of grande mal.
But, oh, these are heavenly clouds. I accede to the path Of meds forgotten, a lovely Floating In the sea of my aura. May I never leave… Never leave…