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Kids with Epilepsy: You Can Change the World

Dear Unstoppable You,
You have so much to give.
You’ve been handed epilepsy, and, depending on its relentlessness and the form it takes, you sometimes may wonder if that’s it for your life.Are you forever to rely on others to do things for you?Are there people who will think less of you when they find out you have epilepsy?Will they be afraid of you?Venturing out in the world can be difficult for some of you… but chances are that it won’t be quite as bad as you think.In fact, at the same time, it may help you have a much greater impact on the world when you do.
You could begin by maybe even changing the world for people right at home or in school (yes, maybe even with the bullies!).You already have experienced adult life lessons given by having lost control of your body and, most likely, feeling frightened right down to your bones.You also have learned what’s necessary to do to carry on.With the emotions you’ve had and understandings you’ve gained, you’ll have a much easier time of putti…

Stigma, Fear, and Friends

To carry on, bloggers need a passion. Ending the stigma against epilepsy is mine.After talking with many sufferers, I’ve found increasingly greater self-acceptance and less prejudice against epilepsy among Millennials than in other age groups (if interested in details, see my last post).Unfortunately, there are other factors that affect our feeling stigmatized, and together we can figure out how to minimize them.
What Stigma Feels Like
We feel stigmatized when we feel that we are less than others.This can take the form of feeling that we're not as good as others because of our condition or have something that we need to apologize for, as irrational as it may be.Also, we can feel others are spurning us in one way or another – something that may be real or imagined.
Stigma vs. Fear
And here lies the problem.We often are being feared, not disdained.Others might not, in fact, be looking down on us at all, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily will want to be near us when a seizure hit…